12 Smoking Hot Tips for Pubg Mobile The Bushka

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12 Smoking Hot Tips for Pubg Mobile The Bushka

Red Hot pubg mobile tips tricks and game style to get your tuesday rocking ;P hope you enjoy it guys, and if you like the vids why not share them with other hot happening humans πŸ˜›


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36 Comments on “12 Smoking Hot Tips for Pubg Mobile The Bushka”

  1. cmon bushka you are giving knowledge to people who are supposed to learn it from experiencing it first hand by playing hundreds of games and learning the mechanics, this is a very generous thing you are doing.
    also i have a silver plate vector skin so when the 9 mm change comes to vector im gonna be rocking the vector at all times cuz the vector right now just is a pain in like even 100m

  2. It's not like it's easy to make a pubG mobile tips tricks on higher ranks everyone there is either a skillful shooter or a damn straight cheater, either way your day is ruined if you commit to the same tricks from lower ranks.

  3. Maybe can you precise something about rendering ranges. You're saying that things render at 300m but it is possible to shoot people further when ads'ing. I believe it is rendering until 400m then . Am I right ? Maybe more in depth testing with these things can give you some subject to make an other nice video like this one. Is it rendering same length away with different sights ? Maybe it differs in some place or maps ? I have even buildings that disapears 300m away with my low graphics. Is rendering people different on different graphic set up ? Or how far can you hear diffent guns ? Many questions about long range fights so… As always stay safe on the youtube fields !

  4. Number of tips I didn't find useful: zero. GG
    Also, man; I start collecting stuff for a maxed out Vector and an AR right away; often dumpig the AR for a good sniper rifle if I find it early. The Vector will easily get you through the first 2/3 OR 3/4 of the game as your main weapon.

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