32 Comments on “6000 TOKEN SPLURGE ON LAMBORGHINI CAR PACKS – WORTH IT? (Asphalt 9 With Commentary)”

  1. tbh, I like this event where you get other feature cars cause if you don't get the Terzo you at least have these cars for the future, think about it wound you rather have a 1 or 2 star Terzo and that's it, OR would you have a 4 star egoista, a 5 star SV, a 4 star evo, a crap ton of trade tokens to use for the SIN R1 and in the future those cars will be extremely handy.

  2. i love your veidios ❤❤but how did you download this game ?? did you know about me ??. iam in india kerala but one thing your vedio in asome . can you please tell me how did you download this game ????????

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