98% Of Call Of Duty Player’s Can’t Identify With Pro’s & CWL

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In this video I explain why I believe it’s hard for casual Call of Duty players to identify with Pro Call of Duty players and competitive CoD in general

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19 Comments on “98% Of Call Of Duty Player’s Can’t Identify With Pro’s & CWL”

  1. 100 percent true,also true these games reward weak players like i was 21-0 on a ffa going for nuked out then all of a sudden id 4 deaths to dogs which i couldnt to anything about, from people going double negative,it isnt right,they have they blue prints to a great cod game which is frustrating.

  2. Competitive players do not want to play the public build because it is in essence: not competitive. Competitive CoD's pinnacle was everyone using the same guns, perks and attachments; the antithesis of casual CoD. I hate that Activision is bastardising both competitive CoD and Casual CoD as it ruins the game for both scenes. I wish we could return to the days of Decerto and MLG gamebattles, with tournaments getting the monetary support they deserve.

    They need to do a new competitive based game using the CoD engine, I know plenty of competitive players would play that whilst playing casually on CoD still. This would be best for both communities, but not for Activisions shareholders; so it probably won't happen.

  3. I totally understand An agree with what your saying mate, I watch Scumps uploads on here, I enjoy his uploads like I enjoy yours mate, Keep doing what you do ????

  4. This has always been the case with CoD. Look back to tossing c4 over walls or tubing. There have always been a large number of items that were banned on the pro level for CoD. If they want to make the world league bigger and better they need to make a game where little to nothing will be banned on the pro level. Items get banned because they’re op or broken. Meaning they don’t require skill to use. Casual players will use them for the advantage. So if you chose not to in public matches you’re at a disadvantage. This will not change. CoD wants new players and more money. They are not willing to alienate a small few players for the benefit of the vast majority of the community.

  5. The problem is, if they want Pro COD to reflect the casual player base, they need to either remove things for casuals or balance everything to be competitive which will hinder casual players. Thing is with R6, a lot of operators like Castle and Lion are very weak in non coordinated teams with little map knownledge, but are incredibly powerful in a coordinated environment. R6 works because the game at is core is suppose to be a tactical more competitive game, with everything balanced around pro play, where as COD has always been a casual arcade shooter that peeked around MW2 because it was the most fun for casuals. I don't understand where COD is going, on one hand they add specialists and EKIA system to grant casual players more chance of doing well and thus sticking with playing the game, but they are also pushing CWL more than they ever have….

  6. Very true. We play very different games but they're trying to force us to play a more competitive style without doing some of the things that they should like getting rid of specialist and getting rid of all the randomness that you encounter when you play.

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