99.9% Smasher Proof | Power Base Penny | Fortnite Save the World Season 8

Here we show how a POWER BASE PENNY build that shows her being able to make a base that is 99.9% SMASHER PROOF! All perks and stats are using the new fortnite save the world season 8 hero update.

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40 Comments on “99.9% Smasher Proof | Power Base Penny | Fortnite Save the World Season 8”

  1. I just did the level 100 beta mission solo with this strat but with ramps and launchers. I didn't lose a single file. This is so broken. You can put healing spikes on the ramps for extra hps.

  2. Good build but if you use electro pulse penny most of the husks would have died beating on the walls and then just put power modulation as a bonus I’ve done it a few times just with wall spikes it works really well the spikes have wall repair on too

  3. fun fact, if you have a friend along with you, you can actually make it a husk-proof base. Perks stack, but in a different way. So Lofty Architecture + and Lofty architecture stacks, so what you can do is run powerbase main and have your friend run normal base as main. Then, you can run lofty architecture and he can run power modulation in support. Both place your bases on the same objective and just like that, you have a total of 15% healing every 10 seconds with your wall strength over 100%, doubling wall strength. Side note : Power modulation stacks over lofty architecture, so if run the setup I mentioned above, your power modulation heals 15% of the buffed walls, meaning its never gonna fall. slap some wall spikes and afk for the entire game 😀

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