A CAR U REALLY ADMIRE!! Acura 2017 NSX (4* Rank 3199) Multiplayer in Asphalt 9

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I test the Acura 2017 NSX in multiplayer, and find that this second-best C-class car can do some damage this Rush Slipstream Season! Enjoy 😀

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40 Comments on “A CAR U REALLY ADMIRE!! Acura 2017 NSX (4* Rank 3199) Multiplayer in Asphalt 9”

  1. The vencer sarthe is fast definitely, but I got it and I may be buses because it's at 1 star but literally all of its other stats besides speed are awful or below average. Nitro efficiency is gross, acceleration is painfully slow, and handling is just bad. The Acura is likely still king on most of not all tracks

  2. I have the Sarthe at 4*. At this rank it has been amazing in mp this season. In silver and gold I won nearly every race with it. In platinum it’s more of a mix, but I have beaten Vulcans and Vipers with it.

  3. hey feuerrm, what about a 'race gone wrong' video? you always upload videos where you complete in first position and it's kinda boring, or you don't fail in your races?? you should consider something different i think.

  4. The gap is closing. The big gap we thought it will end. But… NO. The most infamous channel we all hate will beat us one more time. If we could stop this. YOU could too. Please. Our friend is here being abused by those PEOPLE. If I could help and if you do. We could close pressure and all in all…

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  5. I really love your vids and I want to race with you!! But I haven't downloaded Asphalt 9 yet on my PC, my old progress got deleted and I cant till March as my exams are going on. So hopefully I can race with you on March.

    Till that time, love you Feurerrm!!

  6. I won 4 times with ZL1 VS 350km/h 3 seasons ago ans I beat a Chiron with it ??
    Acura is too high to be proud of that haha ? No you drive really better than few video ago it's really satisfaying to watch.

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