Asphalt 8 – BIKES TUTORIAL & TEST DRIVE (Stunts & stuff)

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On this video you can see a tutorial about bikes and some test drives I made with one of them.


En este video puedes ver un tutorial sobre las motos y algunas pruebas de conducción que hice con una de ellas.

1st song: Axollo – Moonstruck [Rewind Remix Release]
2nd song: DEAF KEV – Invincible [NCS Release]
3rd song: Kasger – Reflections [NCS Release]

32 Comments on “Asphalt 8 – BIKES TUTORIAL & TEST DRIVE (Stunts & stuff)”

  1. I have to say, this fusion system is fairly helpful towards obtaining harder to obtain BPs. They also give quite a number of Mids to boot.

    The bikes themselves definitely take some practice, but at least they are different… a bit too different to the point that pro kits are almost impossible to install.

  2. I'm mostly interested in the Mercedes SLR 722 rather than other new cars in this update 😀
    Bikes are a real pain to drive,especially when they handle very differently compared to cars…i ended up crashing 4 times in the heat cup after doing 10+ bike career races :/

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your storage!!!!!!!!! WT heck.. wow wow wow.. see the only benefit of those fusion boxes is for people like you Hector and Lucas etc who have TONS of boxes etc. I don't think I'll ever use those. have a hard enough time GETTING what I need! the Rare Purple Air tools! Asphalt KNOWS I need them and I rarely get them in videos or boxes I buy. I do have about 30 or the RED ones though.. not selling those! LOL

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