Asphalt 8 How to do and get Anniversary Festival Rewards and all you need to know

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Friends the all new anniversary festival is here and this they put a premium option to unlock more rewards but it required 15000 plus tokens 😔😤 wtf is this i don’t know yet if we win car or not without upgrade to premium. Let’s see what happens. Just stay tuned to my channel for more new info and videos. Hope you like the video and enjoy. Friends please like share comment support and subscribe to my channel👍🙏 #Asphalt8 #Anniversaryfestival #Lamborghiniterzomillennio #update35…

40 Comments on “Asphalt 8 How to do and get Anniversary Festival Rewards and all you need to know”

  1. This car is basically wasted potential (like most cars in this game)

    So far 1 festival box only has 1 card, so in total you only get about 118 cards from the event (with premium) So hopefully there is a way to get more. Like buying them with credits or tokens in the daily (or something) store, which would still probably cost a lot, speaking of cost….

    Premium is just way too much, 15,000 Tokens for it? That’s about 160 dollars
    Even the fortnite battle pass is cheaper than that, and you get a whole lot more stuff, basically a bang for buck considering how many cosmetics you get considering it only costs $9.50, and the fact that you can get the same amount of money you paid in the form of V-bucks so you can just continue paying for the next battlepass,
    With asphalt’s premium you only get about 6,000 Tokens back, basically not even half.

    The whole game in general is pretty pricey if you want a good car but also want to upgrade it.

  2. After reading some comments,

    Metal events are good for iPhone grinding, and they are all 1 lap so for the races quest (day 3), they”re especially useful

    Also getting Terzo is so easy, so take that as the god’s blessing from gameloft, and gameloft not being pay-mloft or gay-mloft

  3. Too much time and work for a dead game with empty multiplayer rooms . Almost entire iOS community already shifted to A9 . They are making A8 crazy because people won’t complain about how goodA8 was. It is the end of this game. Don’t pay for it. Waste of money.

  4. Pienso que este coche solo lo ganarán los que realicen la compra, ya que supuestamente las cajas contienen hasta 12 monedas y a mi solo me han salido 2 o 3 y es un promedio muy bajo y de seguir así al final me van a faltar para ganar el auto. ☹️☹️

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