Asphalt 8 Multiplayer – ARIS CHEESE GOD'S FAVORITE NISSAN!!!: Nissan GT-R Nismo (Rank 1669)

So It’s true…This car…isn’t very competitive in Multiplayer. Handling and nitro duration are good, but speed, acceleration and drift radius are quite bad. Tuning is M4505 P5555.


Check out Aris Cheese God’s Review of the Nissan Nismo (Sorry I used your video pending your permission):

1. Max Pross – Don’t Speak
2. Vedde – Inside Us
3. Mysteryos & Ex3ptions vs. Malex…

30 Comments on “Asphalt 8 Multiplayer – ARIS CHEESE GOD'S FAVORITE NISSAN!!!: Nissan GT-R Nismo (Rank 1669)”

  1. In a recent Heat cup, I was 1st with my M2 SE.
    And then, I get 2nd to a guy who was driving an RX8 SE!
    How did he get an unreleased car?
    Also, I raced a guy called “Aris C.” in MP.
    It was not the real one!
    He was Level 5 with 26 achievements and 37 cars 🙂

  2. Like Kick Buttowski said it's not about the ride, it's all about the driver. Another thing Nissan G-TR was called "The Godzilla" and "Supercar Killer". G-TR rules!!!

    Edit:Nothing can beat Nissan G-TR

  3. I believe Nismo it's an underrated car because it have heavy weight and somewhat a bit clumsy control cause of it's huge size design; but instead yet is still very agile and one of the most powerful car in the whole game even more it's so fun to drive it because when you drive it you have fun , and this one its non the less fun neither less powerful than Vulcan (IMHO), maybe its also better than V because make acrobatic jumps rather than the Vulcan and is more stable than Vulcan (Vulcan is longer sized and more uncontrollable heavy) . However as any car on Asphalt 8 have a it's own good and bad side you gotta get to know it simply by yourself and learn how to get close to how to be a master driver with them to fulfill best drives and results as you get to know them better as any girl character 😉 … even if we're speaking of some kinda virtual cars into a game the physics and forces motion etc … are pretty realistic!
    I like your vides you become my fav driver and video director actually today lots of fun tho.
    Keep doing good bless you always dude!

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