30 Comments on “Asphalt 8 – New Prices – 24.03.18”

  1. 3:51…Wtf, just why. Why i'm supposed to pay 1.400 Tokens for a simple Ferrari 458 Italia?
    What the fucking sense of putting cars that cost about -100k Credits, paid with about + 1k Tokens? Gameloft has cocaine in the brain lately and they ruined the game (lately). Asphalt 9 too, is unplayable as f**k.

  2. For me most of the cars can only be bought using tokens. Anybody got have this issue like me? Like for example: in this video the venevo has both credit tag and token tag but for me it only shows the token tag. If you know how to solve it then please tell me.

  3. Hi Ruben, I managed to get 6/10 cars this past weekend with credits.. Those Cars were Token cars.. Now, my question is: Is the new Prices for the Ferrari 330 P4 at 750 Creds. Permanent or a promotional gig?

  4. судя по тому как они активно сливают машины… через акции, скидки, кубки, сетевую лигу… создается впечатление что это "финальная распродажа" перед тем как забросить проект и перейти на Asphalt 9.

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