Asphalt 8 – SLK 55 AMG Special Edition upgrades (MAX & PRO)

On this video you can see the cost of every upgrade on this car.

MAX: 2,728,950 credits
PRO: 1,459,425 credits
x12 FI V8

The car was a gift from Gameloft to make a project for its channel.


En este video puedes ver el precio de todas las mejoras en este coche.

MAX: 2.728.950 créditos
PRO: 1.459.425 créditos
x12 motores de inducción forzada V8

El coche fue un regalo de Gameloft para hacer un proyecto para su canal.

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49 Comments on “Asphalt 8 – SLK 55 AMG Special Edition upgrades (MAX & PRO)”

  1. I know why SLK SE got the power I Think Normal C Class SLK is Suck GL Decide Made a knew one with Special Rooster Edition Pack power is become OP
    The Power of Golden Rooster come to SLK55 Body and Chevrolet Impala Power been Nerfed I Bring Impala Power bring to SLK Body
    This How SLK have power

  2. I use my M2 for multiplayer and when it needs tuning (because it is elite)
    I use my Mazda rx8 for multiplayer the rx8 is a very mp car I smash everyone even Cobras and other m2 s with rx8

  3. So, to recap…

    It costs 12 750 Tokens, a crap ton of credits to max pro, 12 of the rarest engines in the game, it's elite, it has the highest top speed and the worst acceleration in the game, aaaand it's practically useless…

    2/10. Don't buy this trash, get the Vulcan once it's released instead.

  4. Do not buy this car it's a nightmare it has the worst acceleration and handling,good speed but cost up to 12350 my advice is save tokens for Vulcan or earn It on MP

  5. A part of me believes that the Mercedes will be improved in the next update. It reminds me how the McLaren P1 GTR originally was: a complete mess, just like the SLK. Who's to say history doesn't repeat itself?

  6. Unfortunately the car is following in the footsteps of the old Impala. Insane top speed, but bad handling and drifting, slow acceleration and short nitro……

    Well, at least you don't have to pay 12,750 tokens for it! It does look cool though…..

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