1. Fuck this game. Fuck the clowns who made it, fuck the morons who adore it, and FUCK the universe for allowing such a frustrating and disappointing game to exist.

  2. battlefield 1 kill die kill die kill die then die die die die die, sniped sniped sniped sniped sniped sniped die die die and maybe kill then die then rage quite the get a refund then ask yourself… wtf did I just play

  3. The game is pathetic, the aiming engine is wonky, there is no skill involved, simply because you can get shot while spawning, this is a pathetic excuse for a game. CoD is also pathetic. Basically stay away from both pieces of shit.

  4. You made one big mistake in this video. Call of Duty is a much larger franchise and more popular than Battlefield. Also, DICE is actually changing this Battlefield Game from the Previous. When you look the past three COD games, almost nothing changed between each one. BTW, this video isn't the facts, it's your own opinion.

  5. they ruined the game by placing blaster mechanics behind a first person shooter. if this game had battlefront over the shoulder third person it be way more palatable. they should have kept the battlefield 4 mechanics if they were going to make this game. the movement is too snappy for the characters to be so heavy, everything swings and is so sloppy. that's why I can't play this game, there's no precision in the game mechanics. the RNG places of everything is appalling. the placement of the gun in first person is too obstructive. the shades are garbage. you need to pick between cinematic shaders and game play shaders. everything is just done wrong

  6. lol dice in just trying to make money. hey I'm sure Activision never has ever done that you are an idiot. modern warfare remastered is okay infinite warfare is trash it's a complete copy and paste of black ops 3 you need to wake up

  7. I can respect your opinion of the game but the way you respond to people is out of control. You are the one who sounds like a 14 year old. please grow up and stop making your stupid videos

  8. I got sick of jet packs, wanted a new experience, saw the trailer heard this game was gonna be sweet….biggest waste of fucking money I've ever fucking spent…this game is terrible.

  9. Not sure what DICE was thinking when they thought that going back to WWI would be a sell. COD II was set in WWII and for the majority of gamers it's been there done that with that setting. They could have done a improved sequel to Hardline or set the game in Syria where Coalition forces are fighting ISIS.


  10. This game does a severe disservice to people like me who are interested in World War I. Like you said, if this was actually even remotely similar to WW1 combat, most of the game would be sitting in a trench waiting for the enemies to advance, not all this running around spraying LMG fire getting triple kills like what I've seen happen

  11. I played the BF1 Campaign, and that first mission where you switch between soldiers was alright, but all the rest was shit, simply because the characters weren't interesting. Like those British guys Daniel Edward and McManus, at the end of that first mission, they started to develop a kind of friendship, then the mission ends and you don't ever play as them again. Great fucking job so you set up this character development and you just end it.

  12. There's always gonna be moronic haters in any video game. Just play a game you like and stop ruining gaming. No matter what, there's always gonna be haters.
    You're not worth my time. You are insulting people for liking a game you don't like. So childish.
    Also, why do people take video games so seriously? I just don't know what to say… other than that you act like a child.

  13. I agree that the story mode on any battlefield is terrible but the multiplayer is totally different to cod but I've got to say that there's camping bastards all over cod too and glitches and I'm a fan of both games have been since the beginning of both but I wish they would go back to how they used to be especially Cod cos all the futuristic crap is ruining it for a lot of people. hope u all have a merry Christmas

  14. I can agree with both sides to the table. And yes Battlefield 1 had its flaws. Laggy Dogfighting, AA campers,Sniper campers,Shotgun abusers. and i could say i hate the game if only i looked at the negative side. but i still play it. not as a fanboy. but as a gamer. Battlefield is no deny that its a sexy looking game. I can see tour points on the Bugs,Progressing system, and the lack of trench warfare. but i still can say that battlefield 1 really did lived up to my expectations of the game. and im gonna campare what you said vs the game itself.
    first off the game is brand new and every big game has bugs on its launch. but its sure as hell alot better than BF4. second WW1 was the first war to introduce machine guns and every nation wanted one in its favor. and i expected that alot of automatic weapons are gonna be present. third i know alot of battlefield players really concerned about trench warfare and how i could be total boring in a BF game. my opinion that Dice knew what they were getting into and didn't do any trench warfare (which kinda bummed me out a lil) but they wanted and exciting game to the players. and i hate to say it but Real trench warfare wont be coming but in a DLC. Fourth Battlefield 1 takes place near the ending of the great war and They are alot of Tanks and planes present in the battlefield. Fifth The single player campaign is a lil short but its a whole lot better than BF3/BF4 and i agree with you COD is the master of single player campaign and that is why i like call of duty in the firat place. Sixth This is the latest battlefield game since 4 (im not including Hardline because its made by a different developer and battlefront is not tied to the battlefield series) Seventh The Fao Fortress i can agree it is annoying for campers to block the gate but you can use other methods like going around, blowing up the wall to breach its really diffrent ways you can fet in. just have to think. Eighth There is sprinting just hit the right stick or shift on PC and Battlefield improved the Melee combat than 4 with 3 diffrent styles. Ninth This isnt overwatch you gotta expect to come across a better weapon than you but you can still defeat the guy if you know your weapon. and Tenth I hope im not the bad part of the community of BF but there are bad players who trash games for not particular reason but the good part like, Jackfrags,Flakfire,Levelcap and BFF/Neebs gaming they love games because they are gamers and not fanboys. I still think call of duty can revive itself itlf it goes back to the roots (which i think they will) of what made COD Call of duty. But i dont want to be bad guy i just wanted to defend battlefield on its positive side but i can agree with your points on the game but look BF4 its sucked at launch but after that its became i beast game. so can Call of Duty.

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