Battlefield Hardline: 900p on PS4, 720p on Xbox One. Quantum Break delayed? Modern Warfare 2

NOT Again!!! Battlefield Hardline: 900p on PS4, 720p on Xbox One.Rumor: Xbox One exclusive ‘Quantum Break’ likely delayed until 2016 . Call of Duty: 50,000 sign petition for Modern Warfare 2 PS4 and Xbox One remake.

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Battlefield Hardline: 900p on PS4, 720p on Xbox…

48 Comments on “Battlefield Hardline: 900p on PS4, 720p on Xbox One. Quantum Break delayed? Modern Warfare 2”

  1. i'm not gonna say any bullshit about DX12, but lets be honest your pictures in the video doesn't represent any truth at all. Atleast Xbox didn't take a waterbucket over their head while making the machine cause those damn framedrops i had to suffer in the witcher and mortal kombat x when they were new made me pissed off. so i got Xbox instead and they look pretty simular to ps4, it's not really a big diffrence and i didn't have nearly as much lagg in the games or with the network. actually never have had any problems with Xbox network but plently of times with ps4

  2. Xbox fan boys just stop. We all know and even you know ps4 is better when it comes to graphics and frame rates. But tht do eat mean the xbox sucks who cares about that. You can have just as much fun on either console. I have an ps4 a pc and an xbox. They are all good but when I get home I play my ps4 because its better. Pc is better than any console when it comes to graphics but not when it comes to fun. There just a bunch of assholes and tryhards

  3. Thumbnail made me laugh. And yeah, I would definitely buy a mw2 remake. One of the few cods besides cod4 and waw that I liked. Not to mention the only cod that had a relevant story, IMO.

  4. Lmfaooo okay let's be real, compare forza horizon 2 to drive club ? Halo mcc remastered to any ps4 remastered game? Ryse of son is only 900p and looks better than God of war 3 remastered or any game ps4 has to offer

  5. I've been saying that since the Master Chief Collection came out!!!! MW, MW2, Black Ops and Black Ops 2!!!! Remastered collection!!!!! I'd buy it in a HEARTBEAT!!!!! COD IS SHIT NOW!!!! BRING BACK THE GOOD DAYS OF COD!!!!!! I'm all for it

  6. lol so 900p is something to be proud with? these consoles are underpowerd ps4 and xbox one, the ps4 is only midly stronger but boring as hell, mines sits a collects dust, xbox is where its at

  7. 900p? I cant even fathom playing my games on such peasant levels. wow that makes me cringe. what is this, 2010?. Geez these "next gen" consoles are a rip off, its no wonder people are realizing you can build a far better pc for as low as 500 bucks. And why wouldn't you with all these great pc exclusives and lord Gaben's glorious steam sales? What a mockery of gaming microdick and sony are.

  8. And who wouldve know EuroGamer/Gamspot/GameInformer all say on the Consoles the XboxOne version looks and plays better then PS4! Dont believe me check for your self! Framerate anti-liasing all means more the resolution especially if the difference is only from 720p to 900p. So all you ps4 fan boys could shove that 1080p noise up your ass cuz as of now 3/22/2015 word is Witcher 3/Metal Gear 5/ both play and look better on XboxOne and like I said dont take my word I aint no body check 4 your self!!

  9. What a Sony fanboy you are. If you actually play, and compare both versions you would actually see they don't look all that differen't. Yes PS4 is slightly cleaner. However, its funny how PS fanboys never compared the original XBox to PS2 since they looked looked vastly different with XBox being vastly superior. Sony fanboys also never talk about the majority of 360 games looking better then the PS3 versions. Just look at the Call of Duty titles as a perfect example. If im not mistaken, they all run at the same resolution on both platforms, yet the 360 versions all look far cleaner then the blurry PS3 ports.

  10. The thumbnail is full of shit, 900p  and 720p aren't that different, and what about PCs that can go above 1080? piece of shit Playstation fanfag thinks 900p is modern, advanced or something, you backaward-ish dumbass.

  11. Truthfully and this is pretty funny actually there's not a difference between 720p and 900 P. another hard truth is most people who have HDTV don't have a full blown HD TV lol. In fact most HD TVs are 1440 by 1080. Also, the biggest difference you would even see in 720p vs 1080p is if you are gaming or watching movies on a TV that is right around 50 inches or more. I do pro video work and I can say any one who thinks 720p 900 p 1080p or whatever the fuck is a big deal, they are just fucking retarded. Just another fanboy thing to fight over.

  12. Also I want to say my thoughts on re-making the entire MW series, now being a HALO Fanboy I would love to say "MCC ish guuuuuud suh gud bruh so fawking gud nut brukenz" I can't it's broken as hell, And I agree that AW is too much for me, it's shit, I miss playing CoD 4, MW2, and MW3. A remake for that is overdue.

  13. neither are 1080p 60fps, so both are pretty poor just one is poor the other one is slightly worse. Trying to make the PS4 better by saying it's good as there is something worse doesn't make it good, it just means as poor as it is, you can get slightly worse.

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