Best Deadzone Settings for Controller Fortnite (Deadzone Sensitivity Explained for PS4/XBOX)

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These are the best settings for controller fortnite deadzone sensitivity if you are on xbox or ps4. Deadzone sensitivity is a recently added feature that changes controller fortnite. I explain that the lower the deadzone, the quicker it is, and vice versa.

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22 Comments on “Best Deadzone Settings for Controller Fortnite (Deadzone Sensitivity Explained for PS4/XBOX)”

  1. just 1 quick thing that is important to keep in mind is im no pro but having deadzone at 1 is really bad if u panic in close fights (don't worry happens to me somtimes too) cos wen ur moving ur aim left to right like a crazy person and can't get bk on target making it deadzone smaller will only make that feeling worse. that blue circle you see when adjusting u should think of that blue circle as the centre of your thumbstick

  2. is this on console because i play controller on pc and the deadzone always felt fucked up on my ps4 and if they added deadzone control on ps4 then I could make it like it is on my pc

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