Black Ops 4: Fastest Way to Get Paint Cans in Blackout (Dark Matter Fast)

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Yesterday black ops 4 added and update to Blackout in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 that added new camos and Dark Matter to the game. You earn these by finding Paint Cans in Blackout in this video we look at Fastest Way to Get Pain Cans in Blackout and there fore get Dark matter Fast. Hope you enjoy!


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29 Comments on “Black Ops 4: Fastest Way to Get Paint Cans in Blackout (Dark Matter Fast)”

  1. Wow. Call of duty half asses their game? I never would’ve expected that after playing the game for 10 years and them making the same shitty reskinned game with the same shitty servers

  2. The reward system sounds great. I get happy when I find a paint can idk why I guess it’s fresh and something new to hunt down I would love a reward system is great idea make it happen Von. <3

  3. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Do you also get gold for that weapon in multiplayer, Or is this only for Blackout.

    2. If it counts for multiplayer to

    I only need to get the snipers gold for dark matter. So if i buy gold for every sniper. Do i unlock dark matter than in multiplayer?

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