Black Ops 4: New Tier 100 Reserves Forcing Duplicates?! (Update)

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 New Update! Patch Notes! Black Operations Reserves Are Broken? Next Operation (DLC 2) Details! BO4 Update 1.12!

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30 Comments on “Black Ops 4: New Tier 100 Reserves Forcing Duplicates?! (Update)”

  1. Did you know that only the account that bought the pass got alternative outfits to start with? Most of your duplicates are those camos but the duplicate tag is 100% bs on their part. Also actual camouflage should be free, give out or sell flashy/shiny outfits.

  2. Currently tier 90 in the black market and climbing. I got the sg12 variant last season and I'm hoping to get the mozu variant once I get past the tier 100 mark

  3. Great Video GRIZZ! Keep the great content coming. I honestly feel that I get so many duplicates and that’s why I’m only going to continue playing until I get the Kap 45.

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