Black Ops 4 Secretly BUFFED this… (COD BO4)

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Black Ops 4 Secretly BUFFED this… (COD BO4)

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My channel consists of HIGH quality Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gameplay so be sure to SUBSCRIBE and TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS! What you’ll expect from me are the NEW Updates, Tips and Tricks, and Black Ops 4 Best Class Setups! COD Black Ops 4 is a Multiplayer FPS game made by Treyarch.

32 Comments on “Black Ops 4 Secretly BUFFED this… (COD BO4)”

  1. bro i reckon u could get a few more EKIA if u switched out ur snipers nest for strike team, u can keep callin in ur strike team n stack em, but can only have 1 sniper up… still a solid game play

  2. Nigga stop talking that shit about aiming, no one wanna hear that shit you punk ass nigga. Play the game and do your own shit. Talkin bout your sim sucks. You weak bro.

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