BLINDING GLORY ICR Gameplay in BLACK OPS 4.. (Signature Weapon Variant)

ALL NEW Weapon Variants in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Blinding Glory which will be tier 200 in the Tier system of black ops 4 (Signature weapon)
Here is gameplay of the weapons variants available right now!
ICR weapon Variant, Maddox Weapon Varianst , Titan LMG Weapon Variant. and more!

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38 Comments on “BLINDING GLORY ICR Gameplay in BLACK OPS 4.. (Signature Weapon Variant)”

  1. Do you have to prestige to see these new weapon variants on bo4? Cause I am on the game now and the ICR 7 and other guns don't have them besides the two that you get from playing beta and preodering.

    Oops my mistake they haven't been released yet sorry

  2. How do you get these variants, I don’t as of now have a cod account connected to my console and I was wondering if that effected things as far getting the dia les muerto skin or whatever it’s called and the unlock token from the beta

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