Call Of Duty 4 – With Captain MacMillan – Part 4

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Title: Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare™
Genre: Action
Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: Nov 12, 2007
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


Winner of more than 40 E3 2007 awards: Editor’s Choice Winner – Best Shooter (, #1 of Top 50 Games of E3 (Game Informer Magazine), Best Overall First Person Shooter and Best Overall Graphics Technology (, #2 Game of Show (Next Generation Online), Best Action Winner (Game…

49 Comments on “Call Of Duty 4 – With Captain MacMillan – Part 4”

  1. Im trying to do this mission in the second hardest setting. It's impossible!!!! Im a pretty calm player, but this made me curse at the top of my voice! I tried hiding and letting MacMillan take care of them, doesn't work. I've tried camping with an MP5, doesn't work. I've tried sniping, doesn't work!

  2. ive done the game btw, but it will be difficult to help you WRITING but anyway hope this helps – did u notice a door (in the building) leading to the outside area, in a darker room, filled with ashes. that room i think has to be reached by climbing on the 2nd floor first, despite being on the 1st floor (I THINK) … sooo, u have to go outside of the bulding from there. hope i helped – too bad ive deleted the game after i completed it :/

  3. 0:45 to 1:00 i goty so fuckinnnnn pissed off. he was wounded so then i was under heavy fire by a bunch of whatever they are. then i carried him into an apartment (WHILE UNDER HEAVY FIRE) i walked up to the second floor cleared the rooms of some dogs then i killed some guys.after that i walked into something that looked like a pool (dogs inside pool) i walked around the pool slowly.gott out then i am leaving the wounded captain on i sniping positon near the ferris wheel i cant beat it after this

  4. I think the two coolest parts of this game came from Macmillan, and the two lines he says.

    1: "Oi, Suzy!" (takes the guard out)

    2: (shoots the chopper and walks away from the flaming wreck in the sky) "Goodnight, ya bastard!"

  5. just a tip, for those doing it on high difficulty

    put the claymores by your flanks

    so put one on the stairs of the farris wheel, some on the left of the wheel, some on the right, some forwards to the right, etc. so that you have some backup cover for those who sneak up on you and who rush you

    other than that, sortof camp at the ferris wheel and snipe :]

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