Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 vs Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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→ Hey there! Welcome to a new versus video. On this video I am comparing COD Black Ops 3 vs COD Advanced Warfare. Enjoy it!

0:00 Exo Survival vs Combat Immersion:
I have been familiar with the survival mode for the past years at it has been in some other COD games. This means that I prefer more the survival mode than the immersion one because in survival you have more to do and it’s forever.

2:20 Tactical and Lethal:
They both have their advantages. However, I prefer more…

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  1. Aw uses a new engine built from scratch called the in house engine and bo3 returns to using the iw engine which was used since cod 3. The in house engine Presents us with better graphics in general even tho cod bo3 has really good graphics too. Aw had better textures, better lighting, better facial animations, and when you saw an explosion in aw it looked beautiful. Sparks flew everywhere. Also the sounds were fantastic in aw. The iw engine was pushed to the limit in cod bo3. The graphics look very well done but it just doesn’t have that jaw dropping look that aw had. The textures, lighting, and sound just wasn’t up to par. Iw also used the iw engine and we know how that went. Thankfully, cod ww2 is using the in house engine and from what I’ve seen from the leaked campaign gameplay, the graphics look jaw dropping

  2. I have aw and i played it for a long time. I am now on exo survival and i am nkt very good at it. I can't unlock the zombies. I gkt a little bored. Now can you guys comment do i but black ops 3 now? Or i just keep playing aw. (i won't buy infinite warfare because its stupid)

  3. My opinion on why advance warfare is better than BO3

    AW campaign- The campaign in AW is fucking awesome and it has very good actors and voice actors and it has a really interesting story and a very good villain. Kevin Spacey as Jonathan Irons did a magnificent performance playing irons and he actually exposes the problems of what's happening in our society so I give the. And you actually seemed to care about the characters in AW, overall I give the Campaign a 10/10

    BO3 Campaign- We can all agree that BO3 campaign fucking sucks.
    The story made no fucking sense and shit seems to happen all the time without an explanation, I legit thought I was playing a Micheal Bay game

    And the story also didn't follow up as the original black ops story
    The plot was stupid and dumb

    The acting was decent

    Voice acting is ok

    AW Multiplayer- I enjoyed playing AW multiplayer
    Every match i played never made me bored and the score streaks just makes my day and I'm going to admit it has a problems but i still enjoyed it so I give it a 8/10

    BO3 multiplayer- The multiplayer was ehhh and I was bored of it already, nothing in BO3 multiplayer seemed inspired or original, it looked rushed and bland, and the chat always Causes Lag and the hit markers is fucking shit
    The score streaks are the fucking same but more futuristic
    So I give BO3 a 6/10

    AW Graphics- AW has amazing fucking graphics hands down

    BO3 Graphics- The Graphics was also ehhh and I thought it looked a bit cartoony

    AW Guns and Sounds- The Guns In AW is fucking awesome they all looked and sound amazing and they look real but the problem is that every gun sounds the exact same
    So I give it an 8/10

    BO3 Guns- ……….ummm…..the Guns are….. very….. basic….. and….. bland….. ok this is mine opinion so I'm just going to say it
    The Guns fucking sucks alright… there I said the Guns sucks in BO3 no creativity it's just like BO2 Guns but even more futuristic

    AW Zombies- I found AW Zombies enjoyable…. it's alright. And it's a whole other level of new zombies but I'd enjoyed playing it

    BO3 Zombies- I'm sorry but I did not enjoy playing zombies in BO3, it just didn’t felt the same for me with the other treyarch zombies, it felt like a poor man’s version of black ops 2, I’m willing to admit that I give the story credit…that’s it, AND IT LOOKS LIKE IT WAS MADE FOR KIDS TO BE HONEST

    AW Supply drops- I'm willing to admit that the supply drop system was a mess in AW, but don't get me wrong some of the guns in AW are worth it

    BO3 supply drops- The supply drop system is fucking shit. If I have to explain the supply drop system in this game was that it was Pay To Win and the and Activison likes money, you don’t say. Overall the supply drops sucks

    so those are my reasons on why AW is better than BO3

    First of all I am not shitting on treyarch on there games because I enjoyed WAW, BO1 and BO2
    I felt like treyarch was being held back because of activision and to be honest I don't blame them
    I can tell they were running out of ideas for making BO3 and they were like
    "We know it's shit…. but we have no choice"

    So yeah those are my opinions on why I think AW is better than BO3

  4. AW wasn't amazing, but it was decent. It brought something new to the table (just like the fans wanted at the time). I'm really shocked to see some fans saying "It was the worst cod" yet before it came out people were like "Bring something new! It's the same game every time!"AW should be known as one of the cods that were decent, NOT the best BUT decent. Bo3, don't get me started, the campaign was shit all together, the multiplayer is pay 2 win with the only way getting dlc weapons and stuff is if you pay $100 for supply drops and even then you only get a 40% chance of getting one! The Zombies was decent but it wasn't as good as the Bo2 one. Ever since B03 came out I felt that the movement system was copied from Titanfall, the fact that it had the slide and wall running movement's, just more limited than Titanfall's. also when Bo3 came out, they ruined the "Futuristic Call of Duty Era" by making it really boring. The one thing that IW does better atm is that you can get dlc weapons free if you get the season pass. Anyways, the only reason people like me, don't like futuristic COD's anymore is because of Bo3 and IW.

  5. AW shits on b03 tbh, however treyarch knows that they have the fans because of b02…but its funny too me that everyone hates iw when its literally a copy nd paste of the broken bo3 everything is almost the same including the shitty ass connection yet every1 wants to say bo3 was the best cod on the next gen????FOH aw was something new nd was interesting with hardly no connection issue (which is what every1 was asking 4), make ur mind up ppl nd stop being fan boys of treyarch nd start being honest, if u really think bo3 was good, then plzzzz give me reasons to why it was good nd why was it better than AW
    nd dont say zombies cuz it was the shittiest zombies treyarch did!!!

  6. aw wins with exo survival. firing range to test classes . sniping . customizable scorestreaks. less explosives. no gravity spikes or purifier bullshit. less headglitches. better campaign . bo3 wins the zombies. and no gun variants is a good thing.

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