35 Comments on “Call Of Duty: Ghosts – “Best DROPZONE Class Setup Guide!” – (COD Ghost Multiplayer)”

  1. How i do it is get a group of friends and set up a ripper with forefrip extended mag and let my friends get in the drop zone cause they want to win ( I DO TO ) and run around the outside of the drop zone and get like 35 to 48 kills and like 6 or 7 deaths i do this cause i can keep the enemy respawning and my team get a shitload of points..( run gun set up )

  2. sometimes i use the remington with tracker sight, extended mags, or foregrip, a 9 bang, and a Semtex. Gets me pretty decent kills, 20 to 30 usually. I also use quickdraw, focus, scavenger and sleight of hand. 

  3. I would have to disagree with the choice of gun for this class setup. The Remington is probably the WORST gun to use in Drop Zone other than the snipers. If you're playing Drop Zone you would need either an SMG or Shotgun because the of the close quarter combat situations, and the Remington has a slow rate of fire, making it a bad choice to use for Drop Zone.

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