Call Of Duty Maps In Fortnite Creative ! (Nuketown, Rust, Terminal)

Hey guys, In this video I’m going to be showing you call of duty maps that have been made in thew new fornite creative game mode. I hope you guys enjoy this video, i certainly enjoyed making it, it made me super nostalgic as i was a big COD lover. Before we get into the video, i would just like to say that none of these maps are owned nor were created by me, Im just putting together a showcase of all the best ones so far. All credit goes to the below.


Terminal – LP6 :…

19 Comments on “Call Of Duty Maps In Fortnite Creative ! (Nuketown, Rust, Terminal)”

  1. So far I’ve made rust(literally perfect the featured one was good but too compact) , shipment but that’s easy, half way done with nuketown, and slowly building hijacked (don’t start, no prefabs correspond even slightly to shapes and sizes for that one) terminal looked super dope tho I might have to write that down I wasn’t sure it would be possible!

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