33 Comments on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Wolverines Briefing”

  1. Sadly the moment the entire satellite network is found to be compromised, and an invasion has been confirmed, the nukes start flying.

    The entire social-political-economic system requires that to be the consequence. That is why no Tier 1 Power (i.e. USA, Russia, China, France, Great Britain aka the original nuclear five) has invaded another Tier 1 Power's homeland. The consequence is always the release of nuclear weapons.

  2. C'mon…there will be no nukes if this story become real…All countries blame U.S for massacre in Zakaev Int'l Airport (I hate you for did this, Makarov), and if Russia attack the U.S, It will be legal for the Russian.

  3. Nukes would be in Moscow about 30 seconds after reports of an invasion and another 30 seconds after that they would be in DC. Call of Duty MW2 would have lasted all of 2 hours. XD

  4. We were using this is a RP and well we just got through a massive natural disaster and i just so happened to be stationed at the capital and i called out over the radio just like the I-95 person

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