Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Returning Guns Comparison in ALL Games in the Series

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Let’s compare all returning guns throughout entire Modern Warfare series. That is Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare , Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, CoD Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare Remastered and of course upcoming Modern Warfare 2019.
There are only 4 weapons that are present in all games:
Desert Eagle
M14 (in MW2 there’s only silenced version available)
MP5 (please note that in CoD MW2 there’s only MP5K availabe).

What do you think, which one looks and sounds the best?

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23 Comments on “Call of Duty Modern Warfare – Returning Guns Comparison in ALL Games in the Series”

  1. In my perspective, the gunshots of AK-47 in Modern Warfare 2019, Modern Warfare 4, and Modern Warfare 4 Remastered sound reasonable.

    Another note: And I don't like black finish AK-47, I prefer the wooden variant.

  2. Look at Cod ww2 beta vs retail weapons. They sound way more realistic in the beta. Go watch the crew expendable trailer for mw remastered. Then go play the game. The sound with the helicopter flying past the ship whenever you step into the first room sounds way better in the trailer. The games sounds keep getting downgraded.

  3. In retrospect from Modern Warfare (2019) its like wtf were they even doing up until then? The guns sound like xylophone notes and the recoil i akin to TF2. Then they just leap into real looking and sounding guns out of nowhere.

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