Call of Duty WW2 – War Mode Gameplay (PS4 PRO 1080p 60 fps)

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CODWW2 Gameplay on the New Map Operation Neptune.
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24 Comments on “Call of Duty WW2 – War Mode Gameplay (PS4 PRO 1080p 60 fps)”

  1. Wow compared to BF1 this is just boring, the game is so clean, and its really stiff compared to the fluid action and debris and people flying everywhere, BF1 feels like a real War-zone, this feels like a game of tag.

  2. And here i got fooled by my friends "OMG I HATED PAST FEW COD'S BUT WAR MODE IN WW2 IS SO MUCH FUN, GO BUY IT!" and it turns out the mode is as TRASH as every other mode. Worthless potato non gamers who are too retarded to tie their own shoe laces in your team EVERY SINGLE TIME, and 10.000 hitmarkers on the enemy. I really wish retards who have no bussiness playing obj modes would get a bullet irl

  3. To the people in this comment section saying WW2 is bullshit and they don't want to see it, then fuck off, it's brokens channel and he can do whatever the fuck he wants with it. And also grow the fuck up battlefield 1 and WW2 are both good games, be a normal person and like and play both.

  4. This game mode is sick af why they wanna do all the cool shit to the game when i dont have a ps4 anymore ??‍♂️ well sony your gonna get a couple hundred $s from me ?

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