Call of Duty WW2 Zombies – Groesten Haus Pack-a-Punch Guide – Secret Mystery Box Easter Egg

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Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Groesten Haus Pack-a-Punch Easter Egg – How to Unlock Secret Pack-a-Punch Mystery Box in Groesten Haus (COD WW2):

Step 1 (Unlock Mystery Box): Shoot the 10 lanterns around the map. 4 are downstairs, 2 are outside the downstairs windows, 4 are upstairs. They make a raven sound when you shoot them and start glowing purple. This unlocks a secret room upstairs that contains the mystery box. The video shows all the lantern locations.

Step 2: Draw a Jack-in-the-Box from…

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  1. Great video. Appears to work exactly as described. I watched this video and then went online to play and another guy did all the lanterns and threw the monkey on the rafters and stood waiting at the piano shooting at me. I realised he wanted my money so I gave it to him, it disappeared into the piano and voilà all the guns came out packed.

    There was no obvious prompt from the box after this first time saying "press X for item" or whatever it normally says however I did press X and was presented with weapons. Equally the name of the weapon did not come up, nor did the box day "press X to take …" but pressing X did allow me to pick up the gun.

  2. You say spend points at the piano, there is no prompt, and nothing is happening. Can you explain this step in detail, nothing is happening when i go up to the piano and press the button. There is no pop up, should there be?

  3. so basically it's Nach from world at war. but smaller. I love that they gave us 2 maps in the game as opposed to the usual 1 big map. I'm more casual and I appreciate this map very much cause of its simplicity. I was never really into the big objective based stuff of the big maps.

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