Call of Duty WW2 Zombies – Prologue Round 20 – Pressure Cooker Trophy / Achievement Guide

Call of Duty WW2 Zombies – Pressure Cooker Trophy / Achievement Guide – In Prologue, survive until wave 20. [Bronze]

The prologue starts automatically when accessing online zombie matches for the first time (it won’t trigger in offline mode, has to be online). You can replay it at any time from the online zombie menu.

First you should unlock the Secret Mystery Box. It gives you useful secondary weapons and Jack-in-the-Box bombs which you can use to distract enemies. To unlock the Mystery…

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  1. Got this on my 1st try! You should save your monkeys cuz u only get it once and try not to go down as often during the start because it will come in handy near the 15-19 rounds. That's the same with armour, I didn't end up buying any until 8th round because if I lost it to much it would become very expensive and nearly impossible to win.

    Preferably I'd leave 1 zombie at the end of each round so you can farm the box until you get a desired weapon, e.g Bar / any LMG

    Also y tf is it Bronze?

  2. The fuck? I got to level 20, only used Self Revive once, and still didn't get the trophy. Maybe because I failed on level 20? Does local play over online matter?

  3. hey dose anyone wanna go to wave 20 with me on this as need the trophy if you are able to im on ps4 and done all the other easter eggs just need this trophy. my psn is markrocks45 drop me a friend request

  4. i joined my friend it was a bit glitchy first if u join u dont have a. weapon or shovel just 500 jolts buy armor with it let ur friend die revive him get 1000 jolts buy a mp40 and kill them till u get to wave 20

  5. finally got this trophy today without opening the secret room, it was fun but time consuming, died couple of times on wave 18 and 17, trick is you gotta train those zombies, don't kill one by one, and save your revive for later waves.

  6. This works until you're on Round 18/19 and drop down the stairs to have a zombie right in front of you. No room to get around it, obvsiously can't go back up the stairs because there's a train heading that way. If you get that happen twice in one round (before you can get the revive aug again) it's game over. Also who else opened the box over 20 times and never got a jack in the box? -_-

  7. I have reached round 22 3 times now, once on 4 player online, once on local play custom match and once on multiplayer custom match and I still haven't got the trophy. Is there any special setting I need to turn on or does anyone know how to do a pure 'solo' match to make sure this trophy pops?

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