Console vs. PC Fortnite: Are They FINALLY Equal? (PS4/Xbox vs. PC)

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In this video today we’re going to be discussing console fortnite vs. PC fortnite and attempting to answer the question of if they’re finally on a level playing field. So, as most of you guys know by now console Fortnite received a major update exactly 1 week ago from when this video is going to be released. The update did an absolutely incredible job of giving xbox and ps4 players some major customization features that were pretty much necessary to level the playing field between console…

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  1. I’m not in middle school yet and I know shakpherien English

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  2. Hey I got a solution for this the easy solution is GET GOOD KID!!!! There is no limits to skill. If your on console want to do fast flicks get good with high sensitivity. I feel like the only difference between pc and console players is that console rule in mid to high distance and pc rule flicks and close up. This does not mean that a console player cant beat pc. It just means that there are different strengths and weekness in the different devices. Like really stop complaining and get good!!! You can disagree if you want we all have different opinions and thats why the world is how it is.

  3. I'm struggling with the tournaments and struggle to get wins at all, I dont think I'm a bad player I just keep panicing in the endgame and end up falling off in the middle of a build fight. Any tips to help keep my cool?

  4. I think the aim assist is a little too much accurate because when I play with my friend who is a decent console player even tho I am a good PC player and I am better than him in most way he just Lazer me when I am in the air or in front of him with a SMG or a AR

  5. I feel so reassured abt the public tournaments cos my best was twelve points and all the players were absolute sweaty,TTV ,soccer skin tryhards . The fact that I was seeing no bots was concerning me an I play on console so now ik that there r pc players as well I fee
    a lot better abt my performance.

  6. what u talking about guy? the reason why most tournament are held on PC is because of its accurate use of the mouse and keyboard. it doesnt need aim assist nor the lack of thumbstick, first fps games are orginally originated from pc. It feems more naturual and comfortable. with console, it can be an acception, but there is alot of pc people on the same level or equivalent while the community on xbox,ps4 is more of kids/teens. i see streamers. pro gamers and most of my friends that are in their mid 20's 30's playing pc… the community is different and skill based is different as well. this video is just console trying to be an acception in a fps community. console isnt bad, but it doesnt feel right playing some games, like nobody play cs:go on console for example. fortnite is more played on pc than console. most streamed games on twitch and youtube are pc based. consoles can be good for fighting games, some fps games.. i say some fps games like cod for example because it feels more right on a computer, having more control. most games since mw2 has aim assist.

  7. Rip only gotten 12 points in solo tournaments later on could not get kills due to higly competitive pc players and all i could probably do is just camp hard to say that but thats what at that point I could do but i still failed and got destroyed by pc players.

  8. I didnt play the tournament, because all regions are in one lobby and it will cause me having over 300 ping, and yes i have 116kbs download speed, so at normal matches i get 50 ping

  9. I believe that console player really can compete against PC player, in fact, I hope they allow cross-platform even in regular solos, duos, and squads. I know maybe my opinion not that common but I strongly believe we(console )can do it. If u search in youtube for those console player who plays in PC u can see how they perform.

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