DrDisRespect Back on Blackout and RAGE QUITS After Few Games | Best Doc Moments + Fortnite Gameplay

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26 Comments on “DrDisRespect Back on Blackout and RAGE QUITS After Few Games | Best Doc Moments + Fortnite Gameplay”

  1. I have 60 duo wins on blackout to give an idea of how much i play. But jesus christ I agree with doc that the skill gap on there is non-existent. It literally does not matter how good of a player you are – all it takes is someone camping (among many other annoying ways people play) to end all of the aggressive work you’ve put in. It has made me want to go back to fortnite but there are too many kiddos. Pubg for me I guess.

  2. Call of duty is boring? Yet you play Fortnite, one of the most boring and horribly designed games ever. It's not the game that boring, it's you, you just want views and don't have the ability to make it fun yourself. Let's not forget fortnite is a game designed for autistic toddlers with no real gaming experience.

  3. "It's kinda stale at this point" Um that's the entire genre. It was only marginally less stale with Dayz as that wasn't some hopped up arcade shooter with open world elements and theme.

  4. Doc, yes I agree blackout definitely has lots of issues that needs to resolve but it's by far is the best Battle Royale in my opinion. Fortnite is incredibly boring to watch I cannot handle the cartoon package. I do hope that you return to blackout if you are the most entertaining to watch. Sooner or later they're going to get their shit together on everything that needs to be done. The armor situation is totally screwed and the audit just remove it

  5. Complains in other videos about gettin shot in the back. First kill he gets is shooting someone in back whom is weak and engaged. Wants no armor because without it, you get a hit marker. Maybe stop playing arcade trash shooters where there is even such a thing as a hit marker. Cause then guess what, you DON'T know that he's near death (or maybe you can get a one shot kill..as nearly all .50 cal shots would be). I mean how much more cheesy can you get? Imagine you didn't know his health was low, then all that nonsensical sprint rushing you do would need more consideration. Also, you know why your aim is bad? Because you do that hyper sensitive movement crap that all arcade shooter players do and they shouldn't in these games. Sit still, aim your shot. Shooting is like cutting, measure twice, cut once. Do it right the first time, put them down. And if the game doesn't allow for single kill shots, then play something else. Personally I think you'd much more enjoy high flying shooters such as Unreal or Doom, and then along side that play ARMA III or similar for the tactical element. What you play is somewhere in between – games that are too easy and generic and require little skill.

  6. Remember when the Doc said blackout is the best BR game he has ever played perfect pacing, awesome combat, and RIP Fortnite and PUBG. Yea me too.
    Fucking hypocrite can't stand Docs whining ass anymore.

  7. He doesn't play blackout anymore because he's a terrible player and he's always dying. So he plays fortnite cuz hes going against kids which makes it easier for him to win. I can't stand how people talk crap about a game when they suck at it. And he keeps blaming treyarch every time he dies. Nothing but a sore loser!

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