DrDisRespect Reacts to “The Fortnite Killer” New Battle Royale Game with Shroud ~ “Island of Nyne”

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49 Comments on “DrDisRespect Reacts to “The Fortnite Killer” New Battle Royale Game with Shroud ~ “Island of Nyne””

  1. The game is fun, but it will definitely never beat out Fortnite or Blackout. The only time I was ever able to get in a full game was a free-for-the-weekend trial a couple weeks ago. Otherwise, you will not find enough players to even experience a match.

  2. LoL I keep laughing at all you fucking idiots who think Fortnite is dead just because you all don't like or play the game doesn't mean it's Dead and if you know anything about gaming then you know Fortnite is FAR from dead in fact it keeps getting bigger and bigger! Also the fact that all games that come out are measured by how they stack up to Fortnite just shows you how dominate the game is!!

  3. The main reasons fortnite will never die are simple mechanics and it’s free to play. That’s what makes fortnite the br god to be honest. They are also good at keeping maintenance on the game very good at that.

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