EA do not close NFS Most Wanted Online servers ! It is the best game you have ever made :D

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Hello all ๐Ÿ˜€
As you have noticed recently EA servers for NFS Most Wanted went mad eg.:
– All friends deleted
– Game crashes every time
– No searching results
– Does not log you in

I am not sure, but I think they closed the servers.
There is some information on EA.com:

Most popular NFS ever made !
After 5 years of existance a lot of people are playing it !
So, why closing it…….?

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I will talk with EA if there will…

31 Comments on “EA do not close NFS Most Wanted Online servers ! It is the best game you have ever made :D”

  1. Everybody who ever has nfs mw 2005 ea members probably thinks they are not enough players so people try to log on to ea servers if u are on pc do online everyday not lan if your on xbox 360 go to xbox live keep trying online everyday then maybe ea will finally realize go try every day it might work deal

  2. Same thing with me i got sooooooooo upset that i saw ea servers stopped working it is also a one of the best games too it will bring back ssssoooo many memories ic the ea servers would WORK for once 6 years now it stopped working what is up with that cant ea members ever fix the servers for that game it was such a sad moment it had to stop working

  3. i bought this game TODAY (2013) and the servers are down???? Nobody told me (on cover). Thats FRAUD. I never buy again a game. I am finished with that. I cant afford prices for new games. I buy the old games. But if they dont work, WHY FOR FUCK THEY ARE SELLING IT?

    They only want money. New games are also full of bugs. I shalll buy buy buy like a cow. Sorry dudes, but i am really dissapointed. I go back to chess club.

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