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20 Comments on “FAST BUILDER WITH TIPS & TRICKS! | 850+ WINS, 18.5K Eliminations | FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE”

  1. Oh wow Ive been gone for so long, he does streams now! Honestly back then my gameplay changed for the better when I watched your vids, but now streams? Even better! (Btw nice stream music, would you pls put the song name in the stream I dunno.

  2. Hey man keep up the good work. Your guides are amazing and have helped me become a better player, have 700 matches and about the same elims in solo and yet to get a win. But with the help I have gotten it is soon to come

  3. How? Just how do you have 65k subscribers, while Ali A has over 10 million. Man I wish I could sub to you 10000 times daily😎😎😎😎😎

  4. Can't wait for next video and I only had 1 win and then I started watching you when you had about 10k subscribers and now I am awesome at building and sniping and I have 18 wins but I hardly ever get to play what sucks but I hope you get 100k subscribers soon or mabey even a million and awesome stream I watch all of it but like the last 10 minutes because my WiFi went all weird so I couldn't watch bye

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