Fortnite Console Players NEED To Try This **Best Console Tips**

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Fortnite console players need to try changing how they sort their inventory. It’s important that you change your shotgun to your first slot, due to the way your equipped item changes when swapping between your builds, edits, and combat. I learned this from watching FaZe Jarvis, but I recently started getting asked why I run my combat shotgun in my first slot recently. If you combine this with the new Ghost Aydan Wall retake method, sorting your inventory this way can make a HUGE change to…

26 Comments on “Fortnite Console Players NEED To Try This **Best Console Tips**”

  1. 2:40 he did walk break edit mode the did pickaxe into next weapon but said he just pressed next weapon goes to first slot. Lil confusing thought id point it out because the way he explained it wasnt clear

  2. interesting, i like the vid. What i use is
    1- redeploy or heals
    2- heals again or a heavy weapon like a sniper or explosive (or rift/shadows for arena)
    5-spray gun, sniper(if im rocking double heal)

    I use close range to the right and longer range to the left. Longer range to left is cuz L2 is more needed and easy for me to switch. The reason i sometimes put a heavy sniper far right is to shoot in a box and immediately switch to a shotgun

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