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4 Comments on “FORTNITE VS PUBG LAWSUIT – Who Will Win ?”

  1. Bluehole considers itself royalty over other producers, just for the fact that they revoltionised Battle Royale. They are the first company to do a legit job on what a Battle Royale should be. They did this a year ago with PUBG, and nothing since… it's all about that $$$. They took the first step and Epic Games took the second one… and then some. Don't even get me started with the shit from today's patch where they effectively copied the most original succes source of Fortnite whilst not fixing any damned thing that's killing the game, not to mention the fact that PUBG is still 30 euros and Fortnite is free to play. Bluehole slit their own throat by being a bunch of doumbasses and wasting this amazing opportunity which was PUBG. I love PUBG but hope Epic Games takes a shit on them when they win the lawsuit.

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