Fortnite World Cup: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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Last week a teenager won a record-breaking $3 million in the Fortnite World Cup, proving that esports has very much arrived. But there are some concerns and I share them in this video.

A roundup of the video with relevant sources can be found here:

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My guide on how to quit gaming:
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24 Comments on “Fortnite World Cup: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”

  1. Why do you bend the knee for E-sports???? It's a complete waste of time and potential, it is NOT a career. "E-sports" are cancer. Stop backing up cancer. And especially stop backing up Fortnite, which is basically like playing the slots.

  2. This here is my problem with gaming culture

    You have other people putting their blood, sweat and tears to be the best athletes, scientists and so on

    Yet this kid won 3 million on a video game (basically he won a lottery)

    This is the mentality of "DONT work hard" this is a game of luck the skills required are low, and this can give kids a bad example of what successful careers are

    I don't like the way E3 or even this gaming culture portrait success as if it was this easy in real life

  3. I think the Fortnite World cup is bad because it could give teenagers more stress and anger. I have never played that game before so, I played only battlefield, Rainbow Six Siege and GTA 5. I already quit games almost last month. I feel sorry for people who work very hard like a business, doctor or other jobs, and they try to earn a million-dollar, but it is a long time. Teenagers can get 3 million dollars at any time, but they even haven't experienced in the real world.

  4. Cam have decided today to quit gaming and I know how to be prepared. The hardest part is to tell my parents about it because a few months ago I told them I was passionate about developing a game which I was but then noticed and faced the truth. I don't know how I should tell them because they don't have the same opinion about gaming 😓

  5. 1st of all I have no problem with eSports but I think the big problem with such big prizes is that they don't know how to manage that kind of money and it goes to their head and then they end up being miserable

  6. Hey Cam, how is the book about video game addiction coming along? Also, could you make a new video on book recommendations? I think a video of recommending a few books would be a good idea to do every year. Thank you for your hard work.

  7. video games make you smart and + theyre entertaining with a positive impact on your life. You just need a little bit of discipline and having that one thing missing can destroy your life

  8. Hi! What a passion you have! Thank you for your dedication! Here's my 2 cents
    I am a game and porn addict. I subscribed to your mailing list years ago hoping to find a solution. But maybe I was too young that your solutions didn't really get to me.
    I saved myself from the addiction by learning about it. I quit labeling "good" and "bad", and actually get down to the "what", "why" and "how". Our emotions, peer pressure and prejudice greatly cloud our judgement. Often times we are so caught up in the "I hate it", "I love it" or debating "This is good", "this is bad", that we never get to the point where we actually roll up our sleeves to look for the root cause of the problem and solve it.
    You can condemn the game company, but it is like moving a mountain with your bare hands.
    Curing any disorder takes a lot of effort. But just like anything else, the first step is to quit labeling any actions as good or bad and actually go down and discover its cause and consequences.
    Good luck! I hope you can help many others!

  9. You making a very good point in this video. Though I doubt gaming companies gonna invest in researches on addiction and promote healthy lifestyle. This business is partially built on the addiction, they make money of it. Unless they’re forced, they won’t make any changes, I think. Imagine what a nice gesture would be if famous gamers donated % of their winnings into researches you were talking about. Teens much rather follow their idols, right, so the issue would hit their consciousness a lot more, than if it was company investment.

  10. These teenagers who won are definitely crazy talented, I watched the world cup and was impressed by KING the 13yr old kid from Brazil destroying the popular Pros, made them look like amateurs. Problem is, now you see every other average kid out there thinking they could do the same.

  11. Our 15yr old son was obsessed about sports, competing from age 6 and winning countless trophies for kick boxing, rugby and football basically any kind of sport, he was a fitness and competition fanatic. Now he spends hours a day playing fortnight, he started playing online games 2 years ago but last year he started playing fortnight and its taken over him… he no longer plays any sport, has left all his teams and his whole life now revolves around this game. We've tried switching off the Internet etc.. It just causes massive rows in the house. Hearing him screaming at the stupid game in anger at night makes me feel like throwing the console out of the window. The lad had it all before this game came along and its heartbreaking watching him throw away his natural talent for a stupid computer game. I wish I'd never bought him a console. I loved gaming as a teen but I could hit pause and leave to do real life things then unpause and carry on where I left off … This evil "game" traps kids for half an hour at a time, always dangling a carrot telling them to keep playing for a reward. I hate it.

  12. Sold my PS4 yesterday and bought my sister a birthday gift with that money 😄🤘🏻. Your videos helped me a lot and I finally felt like it’s time , I was done with video games. I’m turning 22 in a couple of weeks , the future is scary (a lil bit) but very exciting. Thank you for everything 🙏😊
    Adult life , here I come 🔥

  13. 01:50 cracks me up every damn time.

    Great video Cam. Esports are great, we just need to make sure we have the right conversations around it and raise awareness of the issues facing those in the competitive scene.

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