This is why I think the Bugatti Chiron is not as great as it may seem. Disagree with my opinion? Let me know why in the comments below.

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31 Comments on “HERE’S WHY ASPHALT 9’S BEST CAR IS NOT WORTH IT *Bugatti Chiron Review*”

  1. Lol BULLSHITTT video…. Firstly Chiron is the best car of game, secondly All those kids who spent their tokens for unlocking other cars to unlock chiron are a big mindless losers. Just spend all ur tokens buying 900 token packs thats it… Its easy

  2. Cheese god that doesnt understand the cheesiest season ever, it was 2.8 k cause u cant lose points and that means everyone who wasnt afk got legends. Also I got 4 stars and will 5 star just because im not top enough in TD to do the last expert race goal with maxed icona every time(more like 1-2 a week).

  3. We have a snow storm we can't see anything in the road we went out with my big truck to go to Wal-Mart road was pretty bad at Bathurst and I'm stuck at my house for a day cuz of the storm and we might lose electricity

  4. Thats why asphalt 6 was the best pure gameplay and rewarding. Like u could earn 200k for a races (total knockdowns, nitro pickups etc counts) but cars was also more than 1 mil that’s was fun now money is worthless

  5. I have this game app on my phone, This game is way overrated according to the Google pastors but in fact the game is not really that interesting, in my opinion you wanna play a nice racing game, I d recommend to either playing asphalt 8 or better yet asphalt xtreme

  6. Why are people expecting to get the king of A9 by spending so less? How much tokens combined one had to pay to get Vulcan, GTR and Devel or SLK? It took lots of months to buy all these in A8. So don't expect anything easy

  7. i only managed half the blueprints of the bugatti chiron. I should be happy because i never reached it before and im pretty sure there could be another special event of the chiron

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