How to Achieve WEAPON MASTER in PUBG Mobile

How to Achieve WEAPON MASTER in PUBG Mobile | Powerbang Gaming
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What an insane game this was, from crazy weapon cycling early on, to red dot Kar98 snipes from range, to bot-gate, to insane 3x scope… so many weapons used, so many kills made… and NOW – we’re a PUBG Mobile Weapon Master!

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43 Comments on “How to Achieve WEAPON MASTER in PUBG Mobile”

  1. Hai….you are such a awesome guy……..i sawed in many video…. The first PUBGMOBILE player in the world is power bang….after i sawed your video first…i have tought to throw grenade in far distance…….luv u❤❤❤❤powerbang…….. Iamcheguevara it is my pubg mobile name ..plz see my comment i dont even have i skin for any gun…….all skin i have is bag-white rabbit, Miramar bus-white rabbit, two wheel bike-pizza….only these….no use…..plzz….

    My name is……


  2. Just wanna say, I started playing this game the night of Halloween and at first I couldn't figure it out, so naturally I youtube tricks and tips and it brought me to your channel. After watching TONS of your videos I'm in Platinum League getting those chicken dinners more and more frequently! Dude your videos are helpful, funny and just plain entertaining to watch! Keep up the great work and I hope to see you in a squad one day!

    Never hit that subscribe button so damn fast in my life! 💪

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