How to Be the BEST PLAYER! COD WW2!

How to be the Best Player in Call of Duty WW2! Best class setups, Tips and Tricks! COD WW2 Best Classes and Strategies

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49 Comments on “How to Be the BEST PLAYER! COD WW2!”

  1. drop shooting is the way but quickly dropping to the ground in this game is inconsistent and deffo needs attention from the creators. sometimes i find myself hitting crouch R3 stick a ton of times and it doesn't crouch for shit!

  2. In my opinion, the ppsh smg and type 100 are the best smg's to use. Those with extended mags and quick draw. Using airborne division. That's usually my smg setup up with my perk being hustle or shooting while sprinting. Best aggressive run and gun setup I've come across.

    For rifles, I disagree with your choice as best one. the bar and gewr are my favorites. The bar has high damage, moderate fire speed, and range. Plus the iron sights on it are great. Same for gewr. Infantry division, and same perks.

  3. Yeah i used to go max 20-18 but now i look at the mini map more and stuff and my first game was 30-10 then i started going 27-9 and stuff like that

    Oh and all my games i get super close to 30 kills if not 30 kills now

  4. the thing about this game is that the spawns don’t fucking swap, EVER. i die.. and then WATCH MYSELF FUCKING SPAWN in the enemy’s killcam. WTF IS THIS shit dickery

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