How To COUNTER EVERY SPECIALIST IN BO4.. [Black Ops 4 Best Tips]

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What is up guys and welcome back to another CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 4 Multiplayer Gameplay TIPS Video! in this video I’ll be showing you guys a way to counter every specialist in Black Ops 4, except recon.. Screw Recon lol. If you guys need more COD BO4 Multiplayer Tips to get better bo4 gameplay, make sure to check out my other videos! While you’re at it, hit that Subscribe button to support my channel with Notifications Turned On!

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23 Comments on “How To COUNTER EVERY SPECIALIST IN BO4.. [Black Ops 4 Best Tips]”

  1. I use nomad. Only thing i hate is if you get killed trying to apply the second mine it dont just fall on ground and you sure dont get both back after dying if you didnt plant the second one.. Ive died a few time trying to put the mines down. Here lately the dog sucks cause he just wants to stand in one spot just looking at everyone. If im not using him im using crash and battery. If those are taken i just let the game choose it.

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