How To Get Better Sound In Fortnite (PC only)

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In this video I show you some settings you can change to get better sound in Fortnite in order to hear enemy footsteps, gunfire direction, and audio cues much more efficiently. Audio is super important in a Battle Royale game, and until Epic Games decides to make a much needed audio fix, I hope this can help!

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22 Comments on “How To Get Better Sound In Fortnite (PC only)”

  1. I'm sorry, but this video contains so much misinformation it blows my mind. Adding any of the virtualization options only adds reverb and takes away a lot of the directional sound in the game. Reverb just creates a type of light echo effect but it washes out all the sound. I know this as a musician who's dabbled in mixing and recording for a while now. To anyone who watches this in the future, do not follow these steps. If you need to make your volume louder, you have to download third party software. The methods in this video will affect you negatively.

  2. The echo is killing me man :$ It fixed the sound for me because i didn't hear shots and footsteps that were coming from behind before but now everything is just echoing :$ Yikes dude

  3. my headphones were fine when i watched the video but when i get into fortnite there is only sound in my left headset when in game on PC using PS4 controller wired.

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