How To Get The Skull Trooper Or Any Character Free in Fortnite | Working May 2018 |

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34 Comments on “How To Get The Skull Trooper Or Any Character Free in Fortnite | Working May 2018 |”

  1. Hi epic 🙁 I’m really really sad and depressed because back in season 2 I had unlocked the black knight and the sparkle specialist! I was max tier !! I swear on my life:( but then when I updated into season 3 my game crashed and the for some wieeerrrdd reason when I checked my locker I only had the blue squire and the Royale knight !!! I was so sad and mad and confused at the same time. I asking if y’all can please give me a code to get the black knight or to give it to me somehow please It was my fav skin but now I don’t have it and it turned out being rare . ?please contact me as soon as possible to see if there is any way possible. I love fortnite and it is my favorite game in the whole wide world so please I would do anything to get my black knight back

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  2. I've watched over 50 videos on how to get the skull trooper for free, but each one of them either let me have it only in the lobby or just was fake. So the best way to get it is to either buy an account or cry until Epic Games gives it to you.

  3. Hey Blicky please can I have a code for the skull trooper I would appreciate it I liked subscribed and put your post notifications on please dude My Epic Games is killerhals

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