How To Play PC Games On Android Using Parsec (Fortnite, Pubg, Doom)

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How to play PC games on Android using Parsec

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46 Comments on “How To Play PC Games On Android Using Parsec (Fortnite, Pubg, Doom)”

  1. Thanks for great video i been wanting to play secondlife on mobile so know with this i hope i can do and when u rent a server can u run any game on it and how do i go about getting 1 and then renting my specs for people cheers

  2. Any idea how to make it work with a mouse and keyboard? Whenever i am in an app the right click just backs me out of the app.. The app doesen`t take full control of the mouse&keyboard.

  3. Anyone know wtf this damn code: -10 is…. i cant get the android app too work, itl connect.. go to a black screen, then back to the app… i cant post on the forums because eveytime i try too login is says invalid, but yet i can login to the app and daemon and everything else just fine. So far almost 2 hrs into trying to get this too work and im not impressed Parsec

  4. Y'all In the comments saying why would he do that if he can play on his PC, parsec works over long distance (I've gone up to 100 miles away and haven't tested it more) and they have a web client, you could be at school and use it without having to download anything.

  5. 2 Questions … 1.) I guess your phone was in the wlan. How is the latency when you are on 4G 2.) When i drive to a friend and he as a normal pc monitor can i use it as a monitor for my handy and use a wireless controller for gamging then ? The problem is that i cant my charge my device then or ? Would be wireless charging a solution ?

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