[HQ 1080p]Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Menu Music + ***Download Link***

Call of Duty® Black Ops Multiplayer Main Menu Music

Original soundtrack from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Music composed by Sean Murray.

Copy and paste this videos URL to the site above for the HQ mp3

39 Comments on “[HQ 1080p]Call of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer Menu Music + ***Download Link***”

  1. I first played this when I was 8 years old.. Now I'm 15 and playing Black ops 4

    The good old days have gone 🙁

    But hey tho we can still make memories out of every black ops

  2. Man I love this game. I remember me failing the campaign over and over again with that one part where you burst in the room and have to kill than man and woman

  3. I was like 4, 5 when i first played this game, i was so exited. I remember it all, my brothers just started to play online, and they raged and raged, they eventually got tired and took a break, i asked if i could play, and they where okay with it, so i went ahead and grabbed the controller and turned up the volume on the tv, the music was so epic, i just sat there for like 5 minutes,

    When i decided to play I didn’t know what to press, so i got help,
    I created a class, I didn’t know what i made, but i thought it lookes cool.

    I remember just screaming inside jumping up and down.

    I didn’t get a kill until my second round. My first win and first kill, i remember how happy i was, it wasn’t my own gun, it was a ak 74 i think, with a acog. I huged my brother, and the same song played when i got to the lobby, i still play call of duty and i am currently 12 years old! I actually have a video of me playing call of duty black ops 1 on my channel. Its Norwegian but its the gameplay that matters! Check it out plz! Have a good day, and this is going to be stuck in my head for the whole week now😂😂😂😂😂💦😂

  4. Man playing zombies in chilling with my homies playing multiplayer and doing Easter eggs was fun now we got some Battle Royale crap and some futuristic shit bring back the Call of Duty I Used to Know 🙁

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