Huge leaks this week: Fallout 76, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, & more; PUBG takes Fortnite to Court…

Fallout 76 teaser reveal and leaks; Assassin’s Creed Odyssey leaks and teaser reveal; PubG sues Epic over Fortnite; Star Wars Solo movie bombs; Bless Online bombs; new Path of Exile 3.3.0 content update and Incursion League begin; more Diablo 4 job postings vanish.

Time Stamps
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Leak: 00:27
Star Wars Solo movie: 01:10
Bless Online: 03:24
PubG vs. Fortnite & Epic: 04:46
Fallout 76 reveal and leaks: 07:10
Path of Exile: 10:19
Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor – Martyr:…

47 Comments on “Huge leaks this week: Fallout 76, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, & more; PUBG takes Fortnite to Court…”

  1. Typical Bethesda BS, ruining classic franchises for $$. If this is anything like ESO I'm gonna be real sad. Solo was good for a star wars movie but it's a pretty low bar tbh. Yes, I'm a salty hater.

  2. The engine PUBG is using is completely irrelevant. I'm pretty sure Epic can't pull PUBG's unreal license, because they are in direct competition and that would be a big no-no. It might make sense for them to do it, but it's super illegal, so I'd say PUBG's unreal license will be fine.

  3. Fallout 76, I'm not sure how I feel about it.

    I've been a Fallout fan ever since the original Fallout was released back in 1997, so I'm always happy to get a new traditional Fallout game.

    But unlike majority of gamers, I'm not particularly excited for these rumors that Falout 76 is going to be a multiplayer game. I was wishing for more traditional singleplayer spin-off game similar to what Fallout New Vegas was.
    Not only that, but for some odd reason this game has "games as a service" stench all over it, so be prepared for pointless and overpriced anti-consumer friendly MTXs.

    I'll keep my eye on this game at the E3, but this is the first Fallout game that I'm not really looking forward to. =(

  4. The Last Jedi was just a POS that I am not going to another Star Wars movie in theaters unless everyone I know and general consensus says it's fucking amazing. I love the Star Wars universe, but honestly, more than half of the movies are not good. Not giving them money just for making a Star Wars movie, they should also make a good movie out of it (maybe do something in the Old Republic age instead of sticking to the same ~60 year window).

  5. I find it kind of funny that you did a whole video on Tencent buying PoE, but didn't mention Tencent once when you talked about Bluehole suing Epic – as Tencent have major shares in both companies, making it kind of funny that they're suing each other.

  6. Watched Solo with my kids last Saturday and feel it is the best Disney Star Wars movie so far. I think so anyways. Don't kill me!Rogue one was depressingly depressing. The Force awakens is a re-skin of A New Hope.  And the backlash after the mess that was The Last Jedi is 100% justified. RIP Skywalker, you grumpy old fucked up milk drinking twat!! WTF happened to you dude? You used to be cool!And how come Ray is just the best Jedi ever? Without any fuckin training at all? She just lifts the saber and fucks shit up? Somebody please explain?? lolSorry, side tracked – Solo was good but the cinema was empty. No spoilers but the hologram!!! Come on dude! The fuckin hologram!!! YES!

  7. When i saw the fallout trailer, it looks exactly like fallout 4. Stuff taht you build has the ugly (in my opinion) bunker tileset etc. So not that excited about it at all. Maybe if there is a co-op thing with friends, then sure.
    But yeah, dont really care about fallout 76, so far only fallout 4 with slightly better graphics and another number on the back.

  8. I saw Solo on Sunday, May 27th. It looked like Star Wars. It sounded like Star Wars. It didn't feel like Star Wars. It didn't feel like Han Solo. They made him out to be a loser. The "strong female lead" overpowered the main character in story and acting. She was victimized by him and had to sell herself out of the trouble he got her in.

    There wasn't any of the comic relief I have come to expect from Han Solo.

    I didn't like it. I won't see it again. I didn't take my family to see it. I wont buy it on disc. I wanted to see a good movie. I could have seen it twice this weekend if it was good. I sure as hell won't take my kids to a movie where a robot is explaining how it is having a relationship with a man and it "works".

    There are tons of issues I have with this movie. Identity politics is a big one. Bad story is another. Supporting female lead upstaging the namesake of the movie is another. There could have been so much creativity performed here. They made it boring so Han wouldn't be seen as a hero. Then Han's biggest achievement, the Kessel run, was really only possible through the sacrifice of a victimized feminist robot whose data was used to map the course to make the run possible.

    Bad move Disney!

  9. Fallout 76: As a long-time fan of the series, it kind of upsets me that they may be goin the way of online. Not every game needs to be online or played with other people. Many games, when they start off as off-line and single-player, that go multi-player end up losing their worth. They lose something and the multiplayer becomes gimicky or you don't get to enjoy the game, especially huge open world games, as much when you have to worry about other people that are with you. Loot, taking your time to explore, lore… whatever. I feel that Bethesda is goin to lose alot of their fan-base. Not all.. some are going to be very happy about this style, but i think a greater majority will have some issues with this. Of course, we'll get more information later and I look forward to seeing what this title has to bring.

  10. The Solo movie was good. There were 2 things I did not like. The guy playing Han did not resemble Han Solo we all know and love and the robot whatever "her" name was. It was suppose to be comic but turned out to be a crappy parody of a large woman fighting for some ideology #feminism.

  11. Everyday that pass PUBG developers are more afraid of losing the player base.

    But they can do nothing. Just check the views on every stream website. Fortnite is passing PUBG bigtime. Sometimes Fortnite have 3x or 4x the amount of viewers PUBG have.

    I know this cannot be compared to the current players in PUBG or Fortnite.

    But this can tell a lot about both games.

    Fortnite everyday that passes have more ppl interested in playing.

    Pubg everyday loses players.

    I'm not a fan of any of those 2 games. I just see the reality.

    And right now, PUBG just write a death sentence with his own hand.

  12. The lawsuit is entirely, 100% righteous. Why? Epic has used their engine access to PUBG to quickly integrate Battle Royale into Fortnite, without PUBG knowing this. Epic were even so bold as to advertise Battle Royale mode as on ' the engine of PUBG', without ever discussing that! PUBG is not sueing because someone stole their game-idea, they are suing because of backstabbing and abuse of power. If someone would do this me, I'd be beyond furious.

  13. I am truly surprised that you have no intention to see Solo anytime soon. While I will admit that Solo is on the lower end of the series spectrum , it's still a Star Wars movie that integrates with the larger story. I would watch the origin story of Jar Jar Binks just because it's a Star Wars movie. I love the series for better or worse. It's interesting how general fans have set themselves against this movie just on principle.

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