Is Camping Morally Wrong? in PUBG Mobile and ROS

Camping is the most controversial tactic in Battle Royale Games. This video explores whether or not it is morally wrong to camp in Battle Royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Rules of Survival. Pick the one you are best at and stick with it. Player’s Unknown Battleground. Gunslingers, Radiation Huggers, Campers, Position Jumpers.

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49 Comments on “Is Camping Morally Wrong? in PUBG Mobile and ROS”

  1. Idk if you will see this commend, but ide like to maybe redo your logo and your yt banner, for freeee, cause I know I could probably make a better one, check my portfolio on instagram @secovems

  2. Hey fuerza I have a suggestion for grim soul.

    So have you seen the dammned knights? And how they are heavily equipped? Well since they have that sword I think they should give you a slim chance to get a one handed sword dont you think?

  3. I think camping in ROS is different in pubg that fortnite, since in pubg it's very expensive to stay in the safe zone for more than a minute, I think in pubg people cap by finding a spot in the middle and just settling there for the rest of the game

  4. Love this video. I’ve played just about everything fromp Halo, tad bit of CoD, RoS, Pubg, Fortnite. If it has a gun, I’ve most likely played it. My opinion is somewhat in between. I believe camping is ok to a degree and depending of your current situation. Take Pubg for example, say your low on meds, ammo or your last man in squad, in that situation I believe, and recommend, that you camp until you can properly fight. I don’t think players should camp the whole game. The last thing I want is games like Pubg to turn into “He who is lucky enough to get the most meds, wins” because that’s no fun for anyone. We play pvp games to socialise, connect, have fun, test our skill against others and troll a noob or two, not to see who draws the short straw first.

  5. New tactic but a hard one i think pubg only:there is a glitch where you fall of the map then you can swim below the map i win 10 times beacuse of using this glitch so tencent pls remove this i felt that im cheating i dont want to do this thing but my game glitch out soooooooo im not camping from the game prespective but from player prespective i am camping

  6. In my opinion camping in these type of games should be normal and not treated like cheating.

    Is more fun like this, making you more alert and think smart on your next move. 😀

  7. I love this video its so factual and regardless its within the game and its a tactic as a dision made by a player theres nothink wrong with it and im attually the gamer not a camper but regardless if how ever this was life you do anythink to survive as a suvival it is natural to everythink within your power its called instint if there was a mass gun shoot or bombs going off and it was visable to the eye would you run to it? Answer no because id emagen 99.999999% you die or be injured. So even if this is a game its called a natural tactics.

  8. You can't camp in fortnite your cover will be destroyed soon if your house stands in between a gunfight.
    About Ros people have started to play extremely aggressively even at platinum or I am stuck at grandmaster lobby
    About PUBG camping for a bit is ok but for the entire match it's insane

  9. dude camping is never wrong, the amount of people that camp is alot higher than any of us know. I for one HATE camping and no matter what game im plating i will take players or AI head on. I may be young but it is honorable, in some ways. hiding just puts the running and fighting take longer, im for one up for that. I like sword Vs. Sword more than gun vs. gun but thats just me… but camping is NOT wrong, whoever says it is probably does it themselves! (Other players place the blame on others sometimes too so watch out)

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