Kids Today Couldn't Survive MW2 Lobbies (COMPILATION)

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A compilation of hilarious game chat arguments in MW2 lobbies

Instagram @deankader

(Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2)

Inspired by Optimus:

24 Comments on “Kids Today Couldn't Survive MW2 Lobbies (COMPILATION)”

  1. Let’s hope it’s the year of MW4. If they bring ghosts 2 imma sell my tv. Also if you like terrible jokes and pictures add me on Instagram @deankader

    Edit: wow massive respect to everyone watching this. I can’t really take much credit as all I did was put some clips together with little edits but ??

    Ps you all eat egg rolls

  2. Looking back on it everyone just used to bite like fuck at insults, I’m sure if it happened now they’d laugh it off etc

  3. ……MWF2, ahh the good old days of intellectual conversation. I so miss the philosophical conversations ….( you want to come to china and get your ass kicked ) little kid : you want to come to america and get shot !!!! Haha funny stuff.

  4. "whatever you egg roll eating bastard" that 12 year old had me nearly crying in laughter tears while driving listening to this shit

    "wanna come to america and get shot?" come to oakland get yo ass shot"

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