MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Lamborghini Asterion (4* Rank 2879) Multiplayer in Asphalt 9

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I test the Lamborghini Asterion in multiplayer, and find that although it’s a bit glitchy, it’s a fun car to drive and quite good for reaching higher Leagues! Enjoy 😀

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38 Comments on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Lamborghini Asterion (4* Rank 2879) Multiplayer in Asphalt 9”

  1. In the last race you made me find the new track as I was totally unaware of that section where I usually drift in right than going in straight where there is no path on map

  2. I have to say, I struggle in multiplayer…
    Getting stuck around Gold and Platinum a lot of times.
    I only reached Legends twice…

    The thing is that I have not learned how to KD (or avoid getting KD'd)…
    Plus, the physics can be very frustrating.
    The Rome tracks get me really frustrated because of all the traffic and the slight bumps in the corners make me lose speed a lot.

  3. honestly the J50 is still not worth it, it is used on the days where 3bp are given you can still get one by spending 80 token, you just lose out on 2bp which u can easily get from chiron packs

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