Modern Warfare Is The BEST Call of Duty In YEARS!!

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Infinity Ward DID IT! They have stepped up (so far…) and given us a taste of Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer. The multiplayer reveal/premiere blew me away! This game is looking to be the BEST Call of Duty game in years, but why is that? Well let me tell you… (btw I say it’s the best in years and that is me judging this game based on everything we’ve seen/heard.)

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41 Comments on “Modern Warfare Is The BEST Call of Duty In YEARS!!”

  1. There you are, playing MW grinning ear to ear. Then all of the sudden, you're a mass murdering terrorist. You didn't ask for this, you didn't choose this, yet there it is.

  2. I honestly won't care if it has some form of micro transactions. One, because it wouldn't surprise me and two, I just wouldn't buy 'em. And anyone who wants them gone won't buy them either. If this game ends up being really good, I won't let one aspect prevent me from playing it. And if Activision sees a decline in the sales of micro transactions, that might deter them from adding them into future games.

  3. I'm just gonna be blunt and honest and say I believe killstreaks is garbage, it incentivises camping and ruins the objective gamemodes (I don't care if scorestreaks exists, it's still not gonna stop people from not playing the objective), and not because I don't think the UAV, Care package or the Chopper gunner ect is uninteresting by themselves, but just the way you obtain them and how they are implemented in the game. Wouldn't it be more interesting if let's say the UAV was able to be activated on a control panel in the middle of the map as a dynamic map element and would respawn, let's say, every 2 minutes? This would make that location a chokepoint and it would also negate people from cheesing the UAV by camping because they can't get the UAV with kills. This could also mean that objective locations for Hardpoint, Domination ect is placed on the same location as the UAV meaning that activating the UAV would be the reward for capturing that objective and would have to be held in order to get the next UAV.

    Let's say this were the case, now the killstreaks is not a restriction for the map designer, it's more of a tool that can be used to create more creative maps and also cool new gamemodes around the different killstreaks. You all know the WAW map that had the tanks, right? Yeah, that was awesome! Now imagine those tanks was a killstreak instead. Do you see now how that would hugely restrict the map designer? No more small maps with close combat and tight rooms, because the tank killstreak needs to fit on ALL maps now. People complain that the maps are boring in cod nowadays, and yes that has alot to do with what Act Man pointed out in his WW2 video, but I believe this idea of reducing the amount of killstreak usage by moving the mechanics of each killstreak to another area of the game, like the map design, would make a much more interesting and balanced experience in my opinion.

    Now with all that being said, this is just one area of the game I really dislike and I know people are probably gonna say "But killstreaks is what makes cod cod" And I'm not the one to say what cod is to you, but this is my idea of making the game have more interactive maps and gamemodes with less incentive to camp.

  4. You do this same shit every CoD game. You see a pretty looking trailer and start singing praises about it, and then the actual game comes out and does the same stupid shit Activision always does, ruin the fucking game. So sick of watching you act like for the dozenth time they maybe aren’t going to ruin it with scummy shit like they always do. Unsubscribed

  5. I want to believe you but this is what everyone has said about black ops 4. Everybody (including myself) was saying that bo4 is what call of duty needed. Let’s hope that everyone is right this time.

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