MODERN WARFARE Multiplayer "UNIVERSE" Teased, NEW Sci-fi Game From HALO Creator, & MORE

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A new Nintendo Switch model, some Call of Duty Details, a new FPS, and more in a week full of gaming news.
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Modern Warfare…

49 Comments on “MODERN WARFARE Multiplayer "UNIVERSE" Teased, NEW Sci-fi Game From HALO Creator, & MORE”

  1. When google jumps into your market, it’s not your market anymore. Just announcing stadia put every console on the backfoot. They’re not directly competing with anyone, it’s not like they’re trying to make google plus. There’s nobody in their weight class in this industry, they can take their time

  2. I’ll probably get the new Switch. I haven’t had a handheld since like the original DS days and I miss playing handhelds in my free time. The reason I don’t have the Switch now is because of the price and it’s a bit big for what I would use it for which is only as a handheld. I’m actually excited for the new one 🙂

  3. If I already had a Switch before, I couldn't go to the Lite. If it's my first handheld/only handheld….what a package! I could care less about COD as I am visually impaired and can't keep up. I'd just spin and shoot, hoping for the best. Occasionally I would chuck grenades at random to see if I get lucky. Stopped playing shooters after Battlefield 4(whenever they switched to 60FPS).

  4. How can you not love gameranx? Falcon, Jake everyone! I've been watching for many years now, the discussions, the top 10s, the news stuff, love it. Pizzas always on me <3

  5. I dont like the new switch lite. The whole point in the switch is that you can play it on the tv in dock and being able to bring it with you. Lite is just a cash grab. Don't buy it

  6. I loved the switch lite trailer it showed how disconnected kids really can be with that scene of the girl in the rock climbing centre, climbing rocks as zelda instead. Don't get me wrong im a huge gamer myself but the fact that people who are anti game use the disconnect thing as an example are going to use this trailer as proof for all their facebook mom groups now 😀

  7. do people on first world countries really play nintendo switch out in the open? like in a park? exposed? is a real thing or just something for the commercial? it baffles me so much

  8. Not to bash you guys. Ive been a long time fan. Im just having problems with reviews from Jake. I cant get a real review from you guys because if Jake doesn't like the game or console/handheld he immediately gives a bad review or the shortest description of a product. Dont get me wrong though. If it is bad then its bad but i feel like some of the games are reviewed with a biased opinion.

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