Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) – Sup, Clarence?

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It’s been a long while since I recorded any NFS:MW gameplay. That’s mostly because when I found out the Marussia B2 was bugged and didn’t log Mod progress, I kinda lost interest.

However, a week or so ago Criterion shoved out a three-pack of DLC for the game, and I’ve been literally mowing through it. I like the new additions (notably a LOT more restricted events, which I love because it totally fucks over all the FASTEST CAR MUST DRIVE FASTEST CAR IS BEST FASTEST CAR BEST CAR FASTEST FAST…

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  1. Bear in mind that I now use Ram Chassis instead of Lightweight, which does nerf the acceleration and handling responsiveness a little.
    As for the original game, I was aware the M3 had the traction, but was just unresponsive. The Gallardo on the other hand was the most responsive car in the game and given saving up a LOT of tokens for junkman parts you could pretty much max it out (I could get to 230mph in mine on PS2 but I didn't have it maxed since I got unlucky with tokens late in the game.)

  2. It exists; the car is a modified race version of the BMW M3 E46, supposedly fitted with a V8 engine. They were only ever put out in limited production, but since the 'beem used in Most Wanted is so popular I'm fairly sure there must be places that would be able to modify a standard M3 E46 with the relevant body kits and other race-spec stuff to make it look like the GTR.

    I'm only speculating on that part, though.

  3. But yes, it's brilliant to drive. It's so much more responsive than the original version even if it's not as fast, and I've always favoured handling over outright pace in racing games.
    (I could never really drive the original one properly because the handling was sluggish … then again the only car I could really drive properly on MW was the gallardo. heh.)

  4. The Atom only gets to 180/181 for me but that's because I always use Powershot, which has a slightly lower top speed.

    But anyway, the top speed of the M3 with long gears is about 210mph. Compared to the atom (180-ish), mono (similar top speed) and caterham (170-ish … it's slow). I've raced against the M3 in a race-restricted event and got pissed on. IMHO the M3 is all-round a superior car to the other three, and the only track I can realistically see it losing on is maybe … rat race.

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