Need For Speed Payback – Sgt. Cross & Rockport Easter Egg/Reference

Cross & Rockport from NFS Most Wanted 2005 Easter Egg/Reference in the Runner class mission, Covert Courier from the Chapter 3 City Lights.

For more Easter Eggs:
Ryan Cooper –

If my car is too much of an eye sore, skip to 1:56.

Everyone? EVERYONE!!!

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  1. So… cross is a Federal officer digging in so hard in Rockport to try and bring down the blacklist. Ryan Cooper just so happens to roll into town and get swept up in the blacklist as he clears it, cross tries to nail him to the wall but misses, gets fired, and takes up bounty hunting specifically for Ryan. Deals with Darius but double crosses him on the promise of getting paid by Nicky (Don’t which way to spell her name) and disappears again. Now that it’s years later Cross is Fortune Valley PD but after seeing what Lina has planned simply makes a passing remark of heading back to Rockport. Wether he holds true to this or not is unknown and yet to be determined.

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